These are very strange days, everybody is at home and nobody can go out  because of a Virus that is influencing our life and our habits. But Grand Ball La Fenice is my last wonderful memory of a Venice full of energy!

I have to admit that I’ve never been at “La Fenice” before, so I was really thrilled when Atelier Tiepolo invited us at this amazing event.

grand ball la fenice 2020

Anyway I would like to write about that night, my last Carnival 2020 experience in Venice.

We arrived in Venice many hours before the beginning of the event in order to do a lot of pics to the Carnival masks and enjoy the Carnival atmosphere.

We decided to do a classic root from Santa Lucia Rail Station to Piazza San Marco and instead to do a “Bacaro Tour” we opted for a “Fritoa Tour” (Fritoa is the Venetian word for Frittella in Italian, a sort of pancake in English ) starting from one of my favorite confectioneries : Pasticceria Dal Mas. Believe me..they are amazing and super tasty!

Masks were everywhere, the city was full of colors and cheerfulness, but it was normal… it was Carnival and Carnival in Venice is something difficult to imagine if you don’t live it.

carnival masks in venice

Finally we arrived at Piazza San Marco and it seemed to be in a disco : there was a very big stage and dance music was playing in the square, it was a super party! Anyway we had to go to take our masks to the Atelier that during the Carnival was located at Danieli Hotel. Yes, you’ve read well, Danieli hotel, the same hotel you saw in a lot of films (for example “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, but click here if you want discover some famous films located in Venice ).

Have you ever been in Danieli Hotel? It is beautiful and the atmosphere during the Carnival is surreal. We went to a ball there last year, organized always by Atelier Tiepolo but this is another story.

Anyway we retired our masks and went to “La Fenice” … it was a dream, we were there, inside in one of the most famous theaters of the world.

The guests wore beautiful masks, it seemed to be in another era, in a gorgeous party of the past with orchestra, opera singers ,  dancers.

We would not have ever imagined these kind of parties and thanks to the Atelier we were part of this magic world (for one or two nights per year unfortunately) but it was still a new big emotion.

The guests had the possibility to have a very tasty and sophisticated dinner enjoying the sounds of the opera and the traditional dances , but during the night they had the possibility to learn these balls and take part too.

I don’t think I am a good dancer so I didn’t try to do them, but I think that some guests had my same difficulties ( haha) but it is a game , so it doesn’t matter 🙂

I really enjoyed the night and I recommend you to try this kind of experience at least one time in your life!

You can see all the pics of the night in our Facebook page if you’re curious!

Stay safe and we hope to see you in Venice very soon.