During the summer of 2019 I visited 7 Italian cities and one of them was Venice.arsenale di venezia

Yes, exactly, that romantic city that draws couple from all over the world to spend time together and to do marriage proposals.

This is a big problem because Venice attracts too many couples. And as we know, so far the city every year is slowly submerging in water.

So every new tourist is a headache for the local people.

Nope, they are not unkind, they are just trying to protect their homes. Just put yourself in their place.

So try to visit the city during the off peak season, because Venice is interesting year-round.

We arrived on the early morning train but it was already crowded.

The first reaction is to try and hide from the crowd, and the best way to do that is turn off the main road onto the little streets where there is a lot less tourists. They are also interesting and much more quiet. Of course, we got lost, but friendly Italian grandpa showed us the right way.

Don’t worry about thieves on those small darker streets; it was a problem before, long time ago. Now tourists are spending too much money, so it’s better to open a small shop.gondola in venice

One of the main reason many people come here is riding a gondola through the Venice canals. In my opinion, it costs unjustifiably too much money, almost 100 euros for 40 minutes, but if you have the means, it’s an activity that might be for you.

As for me, it makes much more sense to buy a ticket for 8 euros for a Vaporetto (subway steamboat), see the city from the water and save the money.

In the middle of the day I had to look for a place that offered cheap, tasty meals, as well as wi-fi and comfortable seats. There was no such place. The table and service tax in Venice is much higher than in other cities. Plus, all the restaurants were full.

So we decided to buy some beer and paninis and settled for a picnic on one of the streets.

In general, it’s very easy to find stairs that go down to the canal, so you can chill with a nice view.

During the lunch break I was watching how the gondoliers are skillfully maneuvering through the narrow canals. In my country, taxi drivers are always complaining that it is difficult to drive in Odessa. Stop complaining, come and try to pass your driver’s license test here in Venice.

Also, when I was little, in the winter we spend a lot of time making a skating rink.Venetian Ghetto

Here in Venice children are very lucky, all “roads” become their rink in the winter time.You are able to visit all the main tourist attractions in Venice in one day.

But the main idea is to come here, rent an apartment, and stay for a couple of days to experience the life of the one of the most unique cities in the world.