Goodbye 2020! I think that everyone in the world is happy that you are finished…you have been so difficult and complicated. You took away some freedoms, like the freedom to travel, the freedom to stay with our friend, to hug our grandparents.

You took away legends like Maradona, Ennio Morricone, Kobe Bryant, Ezio Bosso, Gigi Simoni, Mario Corso, and many others

You took away the job to many people, the concerts, the games at the stadium on Sunday, the family holidays.. you covered our smiles with masks and many other things that I prefer to not remember 🙂

Do not be angry, but we are really happy that you are going away, written in the pages of history, and we are so happy to say:

goodbye 2020 and fuck you (with love)
goodbye 2020 and fuck you (with love)
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