About us

The idea to create a new and revolutionary Guide of Venice is an answer to the growing demand of genuine tourism to experience the real Venice.

We are two friends, Dario and Davide, who love travelling and experiencing new cultures.

We strongly believe that tourism is a wonderful thing. Every single tourist coming to Venice craves knowledge, advice and information about this unique city, as we do when we go abroad.

He should not be exploited, but treated with the respect due to a host who wants to learn more about a culture different from its own.

However, we do not believe that you can really experience Venice simply by walking through the main touristic routes, following a meaningless overall checklist, if you do not properly know where you are going and why a place is so famous.

Believe us, Venice is a unique place worldwide; you will never imagine how much it can offer, if you know where to look.

If you are reading this, you are probably on the right path to discover more about Venice. You may be just curious, you may be a future tourist, you may have already planned a trip, you may come from far or near, you may be rich or poor, it does not matter. Venice is a very democratic city. You do not need anything but the right knowledge and information to experience it properly.

Following our advice, you will be able to build your personal route or just follow one of those provided. In addition, you will get hints normally not available to a normal tourist.

Reading us, you will visit Venice as a real Venetian.


Venice can give the best emotional experience with every sense. Venice is the best you can find for food, culture, art, music, theatres, landscapes and fashion.

Our hope is to write a Guide that can really help you, providing you with all the tips, advice, itineraries and help a tourist needs.

We really hope you will enjoy the reading and the visit.

Thank you so much for coming to Venice.