Since the beginning, one of the main purposes of our blog was to share the beauty of Venice from other points of view: not only the main touristic attractions, but the real life of Venice which is, first of all, a community.

Our blog motto is “Enjoy Venice in every sense”.

Since then, we shared our favourite places, our carnival adventures, our readers tales and much much more…

Many things happened in these years of activity.

We were mentioned on international website, like The Guardian or BuzzFeed, we were interviewed by other students and bloggers, we were also strongly criticised by people believing we were the founders of the campaign “Enjoy, Respect, Venice” (which we are not).

venice community

Best of all, we started to create a small, but nice community.

After the wonderful logo made by Elena (here the article), Elisa decided to share her stories, adventures and sometime even her feelings on our blog. Thanks Elisa!

Many of our readers did the same, fuelling our blog with lots of nice personal and original experiences. Sometime it’s crazy to see how things can be different from another point of view.

Now, we are trying to keep moving as fast as we can. venice regatta

Moving from that same purpose we had at the beginning, we would like to increase this nice community by involving the productive side of Venice and not only in relation to tourism.

We have opened new sections on our blog to make it possible: Venetian Artists and Venetian student’s life.

venice gondola builder

And we still have many more ideas for the future.

For now, let us tell you just one of them: our collaboration with Ilaria & Ilaria, two venetians creators of Venice in Pattern, the unique literature, photography and pattern design project entirely dedicated to Venice. The project has been launched on Instagram in 2018 with the aim of getting Venice closer to both locals and foreign people, using a simple language. Extracts of poems or typographic contents are matched with photographs and pattern design, held together by a storytelling approach and an active participation by followers and readers.

venice pattern station

From April, on a monthly basis, we will try to merge the artistic side of Venice in Pattern with our experiences of Venice.

In order to increase that sense of community we were talking about, with Ilaria and Ilaria we decided to dedicate this new project to people, Venetians or not, who shared a part of their life with a special place of Venice.

In doing so, we would like to mix history, art and emotions in order to deliver you the best visual/emotional experience to understand not only What Venice is, but also Who Venice is/was.

It’s our pleasure to share with you this idea and, as always, we would be more than happy to hear your opinions about that.

Thank you again for your patience and stay tuned!