The Delicious Tradition of Risotto di Go in Venice

If you’re a foodie visiting Venice, Italy, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to try risotto di go, a traditional Venetian dish made with goby fish. This delicious and flavorful dish has a long history in the city and is a staple of Venetian cuisine.

Risotto di go, also known as “risi e bisi” or “little rice and peas,” is made with goby fish, a type of small, bony fish that is found in the lagoon around Venice. The goby is combined with rice, peas, and other vegetables to create a creamy and flavorful risotto. It is often garnished with grated cheese and served as a main course.
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Everyone knows that, due to the pandemic, this year Carnival is going to be different. Even Venice will have to adapt to restrictions, that’s why one of the most important periods for the city will be held virtually for the first time in history (more specific news are coming soon). However, nothing can stop the spirit of Carnival, and even if at home, it’s always good to think about some ways to celebrate it. That’s why eating Venetian Frittelle can be a good option.




While Italy is facing another (almost total) lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the entire world is living a general situation of uncertainty, just a few things seem enjoyable and stable nowadays. That’s why today we want to talk about food, something that, we are sure, can only cheer you up. We all know that Italy is known for the refined cuisine that it’s basically inimitable. However, typical Venetian dishes are way more unique. Let’s discover them.

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Rialto MarketOn my way to the Venice Tribunal, which is located near the Rialto Brige, I always pass by the Rialto fishing market.

Honestly, I love to cross this place for its traditional atmosphere. Sellers shouts, buyers and tourists are everywhere around the banquets while birds try to catch fishes from the stalls. Continue reading “RIALTO MARKET”


If you arrive in Venice by train, the first place you will see is the Sestiere of Cannaregio (if you don’t remember what a Sestiere is or how Venice is divided read here).

If you don’t have enough time to visit the city, or if you want to see something different than Saint Mark Square, in Cannaregio you can find a lot of nice places.

Ten of them are:

1)  Jewish Ghetto : it was the residence of the Jews since the law of 1516. It is surrounded by water and it has only two accesses. Today, you can still find Jewish population and it is a particular area of Venice for the height of houses and for the presence of synagogues.

jewish ghetto in Venice

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Bacaro is the traditional venetian pub.

It is easy to recognize them thanks to the long counter directly on the streets. They are known for the “Ombra”, the glass of house wine, spritz, traditional food “cicchetti” (bread and prosciutto, cheese, eggs, different kind of fish etc.).

It is very common to see group of friends making a “bacaro tour”, meaning chosing different bacaro around the city, eating and drinking something different in every bacaro they visit.

Our advise is to discover and try new places as you walk through the city, which i salso the best way to discover all the bacaro around.

Here, we provide you with a list of bacaro that we tried and are worthy a visit. We will try to keep this list updated as much as possible!

venice canal

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