As all you know, bathing and swimming in the canals of Venice is severely forbidden. Not only because it’s extremely dangerous for boat traffic, but also because the waters of Venice are basically the drainages of the houses, so it’s really not recommended to have a bath, unless you want to get  every possible illness. However, worry not! Venice can offer a really good option, if you want to go the beach, and since it’s not that known by tourists, this area is generally really quiet and relaxing: we are talking about Bacàn beach, located in the island of Saint Erasmo. Continue reading “BACÀN BEACH: A SEASIDE VENICE”

Basilica dei Frari : one of the most glorious churches of Venice

frari basilica

Did you know that Basilica dei Frari (shortly called ‘Frari‘) is the biggest church in Venice?

It is placed in the Campo dei Frari, in the Sestiere of San Polo and it is dedicated to Assumption of Maria.

frari location

If you have never been here I suggest to visit it… I always take my friends here and it has always a lot of success, not only for the dimensions, but for the art that it contains.

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In an Erasmus experience, you cry twice:  when you arrive and when you leave.
In an Erasmus experience in Venice you keep crying even years after …I am Flo, I am French and I spent one year in Venice thanks to the Erasmus program. It has been the best year of my life so far …
One day, a Venetian told me: it’s either you love it or you hate it.
Being a tourist in Venice is so different than living there. Indeed, it is special only because Venice is special. You won’t realize it until you live there for real.
You feel safe, lucky and happy …
Also it’s very different from anywhere else because there is no car (I used to go to Uni by boat… what a dream!)
Bacaro in Venice