You all know Venice for its architecture, culture, churches and food, but how many of you know Venice beaches? Yes, you can have some relax and tan in Venice, and I’m not talking of Venice Beach in California 🙂

Let’s see (in our opinion) 5 best beaches in and around Venice!

1. Lido di Venezia

lido di venezia
Spiaggia del Blue Moon –

A thin island that stretches for about twelve kilometers, it is bordered at the ends by the ports of San Nicolò and Malamocco, connected to Venice and equipped with roads, with a thirty-hectare pine forest behind of the sea and the Blue Flag which often rewards the cleanliness of the water.

Maybe you all know Lido di Venezia for the International Venice Film Festival, but we can assure you that the beach is very cool too!

2. Spiaggia del Bacan 

We’ve talked about it in a recent post that we recommend you to read 😉

3. Spiaggia degli Alberoni

One of the favorite beaches for Venetians!

The last strip of the Lido of Venice, inhabited in winter by about twenty people, in summer it becomes a very attended and popular beach. The dunes and the pines, in addition to the silence of the free beach and the sea air, give the name to this oasis protected by the WWF, where there is also the only golf course in the province.

A very curious thing is that Sea turtles live in the sea in front!

spiaggia alberoni venezia

4. Lido di Jesolo

A very touristic beach, with a lot of locals and bathing facilities where you can have some relax and enjoy your appetizers after the beach. It is the best place for young people that want to have some fun, but it is a good place for families too. You can find a lot of campings, hotels, the most famous Water Park that we have in Italy, discos and many other services! And another good thing is that it is pretty close to Venice.

jesolo lido

5. Caorle

Caorle is a very beautiful and characteristic city. The artistic and cultural identity of Caorle are undoubtedly rooted and visible throughout the historic center and embellished by the Byzantine-style Cathedral and its very particular cylindrical bell tower. The atmosphere you breathe is reminiscent of the squares and calli of Venice, a magic of spaces, colors and things to see that enchant the tourist. The well-known symbol of the town is the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo, a small church that towers between the Levante and Ponente beaches. Caorle in my opinion has a very big and beautiful beach, and a spectacular center too..you have to visit it!


Have you ever been in these beaches? Did you like that or do you prefer other beaches?

Let us know 😉