Just 3 months ago it seemed an unrealistic and utopic idea, but neither Coronavirus pandemic has stopped this marvellous period of the year: September means  Venice International Film Festival,  one of the oldest ones and among the “Big Five”, including  Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance (Salt Lake, USA). However,  the background of Venice  gives chills and an atmosphere that won’t probably be experienced elsewhere. Let’s discover together the news and projects that 2020 Venice Film Festival has to offer.

Pic by “The New York Times”Venice Film Festival Opens, Defiant but Socially Distanced - The New York Times

Of course, Coronavirus is still around, even if Italy, after the horrible situation of last months (click here to read more about the start of the pandemic) seems to be learning and dealing with the new measures of security and restraint.  These new rules have been applied also to the event:  the famous red carpet, which was used to host loads of funs and tourists, is now closed to the public. It is necessary to book tickets and respect the reservations to be able to attend the occurrence and, of course, social distancing and the compulsory use of masks are part of it.

However, Venice Film Festival goes on, with a repertoire of never seen movies and short films. The undoubted queen of the Festival is the president of panel, Cate Blanchett, one of the most rewarded and famous actress of the world, but Venice red carpet is still one of the major attractions, as critic and medias are ready to judge the outfits of people passing in front of photographers, rating their style and accessories.

Pic by “Fashionista”The Best Looks From the 2020 Venice Film Festival - Fashionista

Other important guests and personalities will attend the event in this extraordinary week:  the Spanish film director Almodòvar ( winner of the Golden Lion last year)  has already did a wonderful entry,  Italian appearences like Emma Dante (who will present the movie “Le sorelle Macaluso”) and Claudio Noci (“Padrenostro”) are particularly awaited and other famous VIP like Shia LeBouf, Monica Bellucci and Stacy Martin will probably be present, even via videoconference.

Pic by “Vanity Fair”It Feels Miraculous”: Despite COVID-19, the Venice Film Festival Persists | Vanity Fair

Tilda Swinton, already winner of an Academy Award, has  been rewarded with a Golden Lion to career, while another actress, Ann Hui, will receive the same recognition in the next few days,

Stay tuned then: Venice Film Festival has just started and we can’t wait to attend this peculiar (damn it Covid!),  but still incredible show, which is part of living Venice.