While Italy is facing another (almost total) lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the entire world is living a general situation of uncertainty, just a few things seem enjoyable and stable nowadays. That’s why today we want to talk about food, something that, we are sure, can only cheer you up. We all know that Italy is known for the refined cuisine that it’s basically inimitable. However, typical Venetian dishes are way more unique. Let’s discover them.


This particular dish have maritime origins. as Venetian fishers needed a way to conserve their food while their long journeys in the ocean. That’s how sarde in saor were created: sardinas often flavoured with caramelised onions or other types of sweet and sour. The modern recipe also considers pine nuts.

Sarde in saor - Cookidoo® – la nostra piattaforma ufficiale di ricette per  Bimby®
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Literally “rice and peas”, this simple dish explains itself without any particular descriptions. This recipe is typical of the Veneto in general, but its origins are truly Venetian, as the rice soup was popular in the years of the Venetian Republic. Since commercial relationships between Venice and the other cities of the region began to spread a lot, new products started to be used in the preparation of dishes, so peas were added to rice and a new traditional plate was introduced and it is still currently made in our kitchens.

Risi e bisi: la ricetta originale del primo piatto della tradizione veneta


Probably the most common dish you can find while doing a bacaro tour (click here to discover more about bacari). This really soft, tasty and creamy emulsion is made by mixing stockfish and oil. The result is simple as effective, because rubbed on bread, Bacalà Mantecato is one of the most popular and delicious food Venice can offer you.

Baccalà mantecato - Ricetta Baccalà mantecato di Misya
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Actually, we have to admit, the origin of this dish could not be 100% Venetian, as even the city of Trieste claims the parental responsibility. However, there’s no time to fight about the controversial birth, as Scampi alla Busara are just one of the best thing you can eat. These shrimps are cooked with peeled tomatos, white wine and parsley. We all know that cooking fish is hard, but the result is just incomparable.

Scampi alla busara, ricetta semplice
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There are so many other Venetian dishes that can be described. Once this pandemic will be over and it will be safe to travel again, come to Venice, and instead of just eat the same old pizza, give a try to all the traditional food you can find!