The ultimate fast guide to Venice finally here!! Everything you need to know if you are planning to visit Venice…and much more!!Guide to Venice

1. Venice in 5 words?

Love, magic, charm, adventure and discovery.

2.  The first place you take a friend if they’re visiting Venice?View from Ponte dell'Accademia

When a friend visits us in Venice, the first place we would take them is “Punta della Dogana”.

Far from the main touristic routes and the crowds of San Marco, it is a place to relax and think.

There is always a light breeze, flowing through Canal Grande and Canale della Giudecca. It is possible to see San Giorgio’s Church, in front of you, and, on your left, Palazzo Ducale and St. Mark’s Campanile.

Sitting there it’s an experience.

The music of the water against the bricks, the boats coming and going, occasionally a gondola passing by and the wonderful view before you, these are all elements that make it a special place in Venice.

The perfect time to enjoy Punta della Dogana is at the evening, during sunset, or early in the morning during the sunrise, when the water rapidly changes its colours creating wonderful combinations with the reflection of the palaces on the water.

It seems like an impressionist painting.

Once, we spent the whole night there, watching the sunset and the sunrise before going home.

It was a wonderful experience.

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3. Where’s the best place to grab a coffee in Venice? Why?fondaco

Fondaco Dei Tedeschi, near Rialto, is a great place to get a coffee in Venice. This old palace, once related to german merchants (“tedeschi”), is now full of stores and nice cafès. This palace deserves a visit for its wonderful Terrace, directly on Canal Grande, where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view for free. If it is cold, try the hot chocolate in cafè at ground level, so good!


4. Where would you recommend for breakfast? Why?

For breakfast, we would recommend going to Tonolo. Unfortunately, it is very small and it is difficult to find place to seat. However, Tonolo is a wonderful pasticceria (pastry shop) for sweets, cakes and good coffee. Walking distance from the university, it is easy to meet students enjoying a fast break. We suggest trying the bignè pastries or tiramisu, they are amazing!


5. What’s your favourite restaurant in the city? Why?Restaurant in Venice

Our favourite restaurant in the city is Al Remer. It is difficult to find, but it offers a rathr unique experience.

Directly on Canal Grande, the location is amazing. It is a well known restaurant (average price), but around 6 pm it offers the so-called happy hour, with a rich buffet and drinks for reduced price, absolutely to try in good company.

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6. An interesting place that only locals know about (off the tourist trail)bookstore acqua alta

Libreria Acqua Alta is the “most beautiful bookstore in the world”. In this small bookstore, books are stored on boats prepared for an eventual high water (i.e. “Acqua Alta”). Totally awesome, books are in different languages and you can find stairs totally made out of books, which leads to a cool terrace on a canal.

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7. What’s the best time of year to visit Venice? Why?venice carnevale

It depends. If you would like to visit Venice without crowds, then the best period is from November to March (except for Carnival). In this case, be prepared to face cold, rain and high water! If you don’t mind crowds of tourists, then I would say that spring is the best time of the year, summer is too hot here. However, there are some events that are really special: for instance, Carnival and Redentore.


8. What should visitors know before they arrive?moving in venice

It is not possible to take a car or ride a bike in Venice. There are a lot of bridges, be prepared to walk a lot.

The area around San Marco is very expensive, be careful to avoid surprises.

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9. What are 3 ‘must-dos’ in the city?Spritz

Try the “Spritz”, a local cocktail loved by Venetians.

Take a ferry boat through Canal Grande and to the Islands.

Visit San Marco, Ponte dei Sospiri and Palazzo Ducale.

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10. What’s the best money-saving tip you can offer visitors?

Find an accommodation outside Venice, in Mestre or near a train station, if you don’t mind taking a train or the tram to Venice.

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11. Where would you recommend for shopping?RIalto Market

Venice has everything you need for shopping, it depends what you are looking for. The most exclusive and expensive boutiques are near San Marco, but around the city you can find global or local shopping chains, like Coin, or small artisanal boutique.

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Enjoy Venice!!