Just few impressions of Ballo Tiepolo at Palazzo Pisani Moretta. For a full review of a masked ball, check out here Minuetto al Ridotto.

Ballo Tiepolo at Palazzo Pisani Moretta was the second and last ball we attended this Carnival. As the first one, it was a wonderful experience.

Pisani Moretta

The Palace

Palazzo Pisani Moretta is the most beautiful palace we have visited in Venice so far. It is directly on Grand Canal, people came there by boat, and it is the perfect example of a XV century Venetian Palace.

The door opens on a wide entrance, which was hosting a rich buffet for Aperitivo.

On the first floor tables were ready for dinner. I counted four rooms, richly decorated with epoque paintings and mirrors. It was something very similar to a museum, with the difference that in this case it was possible to use, touch and experience directly almost everything.Pisani Moretta

The Dinner

Also the dinner was different from Minuetto al Ridotto. Here, there was not a clear schedule of events, instead every time it was a surprise. Two opera singers opened the dances, followed by masks and dancers.

One of the best moment was when four masks appeared on the stage, representing the four seasons, accompanied by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons played by the live orchestra. It was an epical moment.Pisani Moretta

What I personally found very cool was the presence of different artists. There were magicians, artists, dancers and singers performing the whole night, no-stop. It was incredible.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere was somehow more relaxed and reserved than Minuetto al Ridotto. Light was provided only through candles and even the waitresses were masked.

If you are interested to attend the ball next year, it may be useful to know that it is possible to get inside for a reduced price after dinner.Pisani Moretta

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