Italy is gradually starting to wake up from the long semi-lockdown which has paralyzed the country for the past months. However, things are slowly changing; more and more people are getting vaccinated and the virus, even if it is still around, seems to have weaken a bit. So, why don’t take advantage of the good weather and go to Venice? Today we are going to take a long relaxing walk, giving a look around and visiting places which are always so nice to see!

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As all you know, bathing and swimming in the canals of Venice is severely forbidden. Not only because it’s extremely dangerous for boat traffic, but also because the waters of Venice are basically the drainages of the houses, so it’s really not recommended to have a bath, unless you want to get  every possible illness. However, worry not! Venice can offer a really good option, if you want to go the beach, and since it’s not that known by tourists, this area is generally really quiet and relaxing: we are talking about Bacàn beach, located in the island of Saint Erasmo. Continue reading “BACÀN BEACH: A SEASIDE VENICE”



Venice is visited every year by millions of tourists. More than six millions people visit Venice every year staying overnight, without counting the many coming from outside everyday. enjoy respect venezia

Can you imagine the impact of this mass of tourists on the historic part of Venice, which is inhabited by only 60 thousands people? It may really tackle its fragile balance. Continue reading “# RESPECT ENJOY VENICE”


An iconic traditional product of Venice is the Murano glass (Vetro di Murano).murano glass

This story starts in 1291, when the Republic of Venice ordered to all glasswares to move from Venice to the little island of Murano, in order to prevent fires in the main city; that time buildings were made out of woods. Continue reading “MURANO GLASS”