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Few Venetians are known worldwide as it is Giacomo Girolamo Casanova.

Casanova lived during the XVIII century, he has been a writer, adventurer, alchemist and spy, but he is well known for his adventures with women, described in his autobiography: Story of my Life.

Casanova’s book is also a wonderful historical book describing the Venice of the XVIII century. Back then, Venice was the European capital for fun and good life: “la dolce vita”.

Government was tolerant and many people came from allover Europe as a step of the Grand Tour. Moreover, many traditions of Venice, like Carnival or the passion for gambling, helped to develop this reputation.

Casanova graduated in law at the University of Padova and he started his career as a lawyer. However, since university years, he started to gamble and this habit brought the first problems.carnival ball

After university, Casanova had his first, revealing experience with girls: Nanetta and Marton Savorgnan, fourteen and sixteen years old. His life changed.

Casanova life was crazy. Before being a professional gambler, he served two cardinals, enrolled in the army and even worked as a violinist. Then he saved the life to a rich nobleman who took him as attendant, but he couldn’t last long in Venice; his vices were too strong.

He had to escape abroad. So, he started a trip long thousands miles, which brought him in France, Germany, Netherlands and even Russia. A crazy trip for the time. He lived for the day, trying to sell his lottery schemes to various government. Finally ending his life in a castle in Dux, Bohemia, where he was far witness of the French revolution and the fall of Venice: his old world.      

The life of Casanova his amazing. He was not only a lover, but an adventurer and a fine artist. He was venetian, and he reflected many aspects of Venice: adventure, love and art.

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Moreover we had the honour to visit the Ridotto, a well-known casino usually frequented by Casanova. Read about it here, or check our facebook profile for more pictures.