If you arrive in Venice by train, the first place you will see is the Sestiere of Cannaregio (if you don’t remember what a Sestiere is or how Venice is divided read here).

If you don’t have enough time to visit the city, or if you want to see something different than Saint Mark Square, in Cannaregio you can find a lot of nice places.

Ten of them are:

1)  Jewish Ghetto : it was the residence of the Jews since the law of 1516. It is surrounded by water and it has only two accesses. Today, you can still find Jewish population and it is a particular area of Venice for the height of houses and for the presence of synagogues.

jewish ghetto in Venice

2) Tintoretto’s home: the house of one of the most famous artist of Venice. It is a place full of legends and stories (I’ll talk about them the next time, I promise 😉 ).

tintoretto home

3) Ponte delle Guglie : it is a characteristic bridge that you can find walking along Strada Nova, the main ‘calle’ that connects the train station to Rialto. If you come to Venice for the Carnival you can see the opening show (see the video, it is amazing!).

4) Ca’ Doro Palace: it is the maximum expression of floral gothic together with Palazzo Ducale.

5) Casinò of Venice – Ca’ Vendramin Calergi: it deserves a visit because it is very beautiful with its architecture, and if you like gambling you can play too 😉

6) Campo dei Mori : the legend tells the story of three brothers, known as spices and tissue merchants. One of them cheated an old woman that threw a curse against them. So they were transformed into stone statues. Tip: behave properly with old Venetian women 🙂

campo dei mori

7) Madonna dell’Orto church: example of Venetian gothic. It has inside some of Tintoretto’s.

santa maria dell'orto

8) Scalzi’s church

9) Santa Maria dei Miracoli church: full of marble coats. It is amazing, I haven’t words to describe it, you have to see it!

santa maria dei miracoli

And the tenth??

Maybe you are tired, so go to :

10 ) Fondamenta della Misericordia : here you can have some relax, eat good fish, tapas and very good wine in the ‘bacari’ ‘Paradiso Perduto’, ‘Al timon’ (you can drink on a boat) and ‘Vino Vero’.

Bacaro in Venice

Tip : at ‘Vino Vero’ don’t order the spritz… the host will get hungry 😀 The wine is excellent!


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