Everyone knows that, due to the pandemic, this year Carnival is going to be different. Even Venice will have to adapt to restrictions, that’s why one of the most important periods for the city will be held virtually for the first time in history (more specific news are coming soon). However, nothing can stop the spirit of Carnival, and even if at home, it’s always good to think about some ways to celebrate it. That’s why eating Venetian Frittelle can be a good option.

Fritole (in Venetian dialect) or Frittelle are the culinary symbol of Venice, realised in every bakery shop of the city during the Carnival period. The history of this speciality dates back to 1700, when the Serenissima Republic elected frittelle as regional sweets of Veneto, even if their production was typical of Venice since 1600, as they were prepared in streets and sold still warm. The popularity of frittelle then spreads even outside the lagoon, and some varieties of preparation began to be created. Frittelle are now the official symbol of Carnival all around the Veneto, together with other typical Italian products, as crostoli and castagnole.

frittella veneziana
Pic by Maria Chiara Casale

As already said, Fritole have evolved their appearence through out the centuries and many varieties have been invented, even if the fritter pastry is still the same

The classic Venetian frittella is a fried dough filled with raisin and covered in sugar. However, the stuffing can be modified, replacing raisin with many different creams, as chantilly cream, chocolate cream or, for people less greedy, even empty.

frittella veneziana
Pic by Camilla Longo

Frittelle are one of the most delicious meal you can taste in Venice. As Carnival is approaching, we all miss the typical atmosphere that only the floating city is able to give you in this period, like walking through calli and campi, meeting some coloured and beautiful masks and eating a good fritola. We hope and wait for better times to come, but in the meanwhile why don’t you try to personally bake some of these delicious sweets? Nothing better than some sugar to sweeten this hard and bitter period!