We are hosting some recipes by our friend and chef Matteo Zennaro!!

Black pasta with cherry tomatoes, with lemon bergamot and buffalo mozzarella. 

Written by Matteo Zennaro
buffalo mozzarella pasta
Nowadays, we are always in a hurry. It may happens that guests come all of a sudden and we want to make a good impression.

With this recipe you will save the evening.


1 pack pasta Garofalo n. 12 (I like Garofalo because it is a pasta drawn in bronze and durum wheat, which makes it tasty)

500 gr. of cherry tomatoes

Bergamot 1 lemon

4-buffalo mozzarella

The squid ink is best understood by your fisherman.


Cut tomatoes in half, and put them in a bowl, with little but very little oil and salt to give them a little taste.

Meanwhile, prepare a pot with water and salt to taste, wait the water to boil, and coock linguine for an estimated time of 11 minutes. not higher…

Meanwhile pasta is cooking, take our 4 mozzarella and drain them from their water….

When pasta is ready, let’s drain it well, put it on a pan and add our squid ink. Let’s move it a little to make pasta soak the black color up.


A flat plate, alternatively, always use a bottom, divide the pasta in the dishes calculating 4 portions. With a grater take our bergamot and grate over the pasta, put the tomatoes, and the buffalo mozzarella above!

The dish is ready!

Enjoy your meal!

tomato mozzarella

Little curiosity

Did you know that:

Bergamot lemon: bergamot is a fruit rich in vitamins. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins and is an important source of flavonoids. The studies conducted by researchers at the University of Tor Vergata have highlighted the properties and benefits of bergamot and bergamot juice, one of the basic preparations of this fruit most used in food, along with jams.

Linguine: the name of this classic pasta derives from the Italian word “lingua”, not only to indicate its slightly flattened shape compared to round spaghetti, but also to guarantee a special taste. The type of corn, rice and quinoa pasta is gluten-free and therefore easily digestible by allergy sufferers. And it is a pasta extruded through bronze and durum wheat and is rough to the touch.

Hello everyone, see you soon

Chef Mattia Zennaro