Carnival of Venice 2019

We are almost there, just a few days remain before one of the most important events in Venice: the Carnival.

venice by venetians

Have you ever been in Venice during the Carnival? It is a very fun and amazing experience. The city is like a huge party, with people playing music on the “calli”, at the sides of the bridges, into the Bacari (as you know, they are a sort of small pub). Also, during Carnival, people wear amazing costumes (because during the Carnival you can be whoever you desire to be)… in other words… IT IS A BIG PARTY!

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It is almost impossible to describe what is the Venice Carnival. There would be too much to say about its history, traditions and events. Take this post as it is: a brief introduction.masks carnival venice

Carnival is held every year, during Shrove Tuesday (Martedì Grasso) and Ash Wednesday (Mercoledì delle Ceneri), which is forty days before Easter and during the weekend before. Continue reading “VENICE CARNIVAL”