Carnival of Venice 2019

We are almost there, just a few days remain before one of the most important events in Venice: the Carnival.

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Have you ever been in Venice during the Carnival? It is a very fun and amazing experience. The city is like a huge party, with people playing music on the “calli”, at the sides of the bridges, into the Bacari (as you know, they are a sort of small pub). Also, during Carnival, people wear amazing costumes (because during the Carnival you can be whoever you desire to be)… in other words… IT IS A BIG PARTY!

As you know Venice is always full of people and, in particular during Carnival, Venice is quite crowded. Therefore, if you are planning to come here, remember to  # RESPECT ENJOY VENICE


Would it be your first time in Venice? Don’t worry, take look at these posts:


But now it’s time to talk about the most important events of Venice’s Carnival 2019!

This year Carnival will take place between the 16th February and the 5th March.


For us, the most beautiful events that you shouldn’t absolutely miss are:


16th of February: Grand Opening of Venice Carnival – First Part(NOT YET CONFIRMED!)

It is tradition and it is always an amazing event. In Rio Cannaregio you will see many boats floating with a particular theme. The last year, for example, the theme was the Fellini’s Circus. You can find last year pics here:


It is a show of carnival costumes and plays of lights. It absolutely deserves to be seen.

We are waiting for a confirmation, but it should be scheduled at 6 pm, here .


17th of February: Grand Opening of Venice Carnival – Second Part

At 11 am – here


23th of February: Procession and “Festa delle Marie”

The traditional “Festa delle Marie” procession leaves from San Piero di Castello around 2.30 pm, it will cross via Garibaldi and Riva degli Schiavoni in a spectacular procession and it will arrive on the stage of Piazza San Marco around 4.00 pm, where the official presentation of the Carnival will take place.

You can read the history of this event and the experience of a “Maria” of a precedent edition (thanks Giulia to have shared your experience with us) here:


First day

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24th of February: the flight of the angel

It will take place in San Marco’ square at 12 pm, where the winner of the last edition of the “Festa delle Marie” will be the angel that will fly on the square, descending from the bell tower.

It is an emotional moment (for the girl in particular :D).


24th of February: the daily contest for the most beautiful mask of Venice Carnival

It will be placed in San Marco’s square from 3.30 pm. It is an opportunity to see all the most beautiful and particular masks of Venice!

This contest will take place from this day, every day until the big final of the 3rd March.


These are our recommended events, but if you want to have more detail you can visit the official website for Venice Carnival .


If you want to see the magic of the Carnival, living it in wonderful buildings, living the emotions of other eras we suggest you enjoy one of these three events:


Last year we went to Ballo Tiepolo and Minuetto al Ridotto at the Hotel Monaco and we have to do that it was a very beautiful experience.

Below the pics of the two events:

A magic night Atelier Tiepoloph: Davide Polotto PhotographyYou'll find the post to

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We want to thank Atelier Tiepolo for the possibility to be part of this amazing event.Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal -…

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