written by Eleonora, pics by Eleonora – @__myworldguide__[ITALIAN VERSION BELOW]

How many times have we heard people say “Venice is the most beautiful city in the world”?eleonora

It seems a catchfrase, a conventional form of labeling such an uncommon place that for many tourists it completely loses its sense of city, taking on the appearance of an attraction. For those who, like me, were born and grew up among its streets, this phrase undertake a completely different meaning. Continue reading “MY VENICE BY ELEONORA”


Our motto is “Enjoy Venice in every sense” because we would like to spread the idea that Venice is not only tourism, but history, art and culture.

theatre la fenice

This is why in this post we would like to share the story of Teatro La Fenice, one of the most beautiful and famous theatres of all Europe. Continue reading “TEATRO LA FENICE”

Festa del Redentore

An old, but spectacular Venetian tradition: Festa del Redentore is a big event taking place every year on the third Sunday of July.fireworks festa del redentore

It reminds the Venetian Senate decision to build the Chiesa del Redentore (Redeemer’s Church) as an ex-vote for the liberation of the city from the black death of 1575-1577, a plague that caused the death of more than a third of the city’s population in just two years. Continue reading “Festa del Redentore”