REDENTORE 2017 What an experience!!

Here, we explain what is Redentore.

Redentore is something you really can’t miss, it’s just natural to say:

“Hey, what are you doing this weekend?”

“Redentore of course!” or “Stay calm, it’s Redentore!”fireworks festa del redentore

My main concern this year was the hot weather. Without shades along the Giudecca Canal, we could melt while waiting for the midnight fireworks.

For Redentore, Venice is crowded with folks from all over the world and it is necessary to arrive a little bit earlier. We decided to start our experience at five pm.

Luckly, we arrived nearby the bridge crossing Giudecca Canal just before they opened it, allowing us to cross it among the firsts. The bridge closes during the fireworks, as well as when it reach its limits of capacity. Make sure to arrive in advance to cross it.

It’s absolutely a CRAZY experience to cross this bridge. On one side, you can see the Zattere Area and the Giudecca Island up to the lovely Molino Stucky Hotel; but on the other side, what you can see is amazing!!

San Marco Basin

The view is captured by the many small boats populating San Marco Basin, waiting there until midnight, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere. On the other side of the Canal, it is possible to see Punta della Dogana and San Marco Area with Palazzo Ducale standing before you. Seeing it from the Canal, is totally an experience you must do!!

Arrived on Giudecca Island, our advice is to find immediately a good spot along the Canal to sit and wait until the fireworks. The free spots  get busy soon after the bridge is opened. The fireworks take place in the San Marco Basin, so good spots to see them are: Giudecca Islands, San Marco Square and Punta della Dogana.

Come prepared to wait. We brought food, beers, drinks and all the other stuff needed to wait for a couple of hours. However, the time runs fast because of the many parties going on along the canals, the music, people shouting and, for sure, the wonderful view in front of you while the sun goes down, a view that will leave you without words.


San Marco basinWhen the fireworks come, all the lights are turned off, leaving the San Marco Basin in darkness, it is a rare show…wow, chills!

After the fireworks, we crossed back the bridge towards the city. Every corner is filled with people partying, music and other events. In order to fully enjoy the Redentore, it is a good idea to spend the night in Venice.

If you come from outside, special trains are scheduled until about 2 am in the morning.

Here it is how we spent the Redentore night this year, what about you?

Planning to come to Venice for Redentore? Contact us for any doubt!!