Behind Venice is a project that aims to help, totally free of charge and voluntarily, the Venetian Artisans. Behind Venice provides artisans with a starting kit for their digital communication, in order to generate an archive of photos and videos of their works and shops (bóteghe) and an interactive map in which all the craft activities will be indicated.

Lidia and Olena di Ca’ Beltà, dressmaker and fashion designer

Behind Venice believes in the importance of artisans: they are the past, present and future of Venice and Italy.

This project was born thinking about the night between 12 and 13 November 2019. That night, Venice and its islands were flooded by an exceptional high water: the “acqua granda”.

Alessandro Moretti from Costantini Glass Beads, glass of Murano artist

The Venetians have suffered many damages to their houses. Among them there were many artisans with their shops and activities, who fight every day to stay afloat against mass tourism. Thanks to their strength, passion and will, many of them have reopened.

Behind Venice was born to help them to tell their stories and promote, to bring the quality of their art and tradition all over the world.

Sarah Zanarella from Rugadoro, venetian masks artist

This project was created for artisans, but also for anyone else who loves craftsmanship and wants to find out more about its protagonists.

The artisans learn the importance of digital communication. Through marketing and communication basic notions, they are able to convey (nationally and internationally) their production methods and the tradition behind their art and craft.

For those who love artisanship and who want to get closer to this world, Behind Venice will generate an archive of photos and videos of Venetian artisans in 2019, that will reflect the current venetian artisanal panorama.

Matteo Belardinelli from Rialto 79, glass of Murano artist

The website  is constantly updated and soon we will tell you a lot of stories about craftsmanship, love and passion, but you can read about these artisans also here, in Venice By Venetians website.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram account: @behindvenice

Behind Venice is a project created by:

  • Simone Padovani, international photoreporter and community psychologist, he works as a photojournalist with Getty Images and international newspapers such as New York Times, Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais, Lonely Planet, and many others.
  • Sara Prian, storyteller, Social Media Manager and Social Media Coach, freelance for professionals, SME and artisans.
  • Alice Bianco, Web Designer and Copywriter, freelance for professionals, SME and artisans.