I met Laure many years ago, during the Carnival in the famous parade of Festa delle Marie. I have always been very curious about her experience and that’s because we interviewed her last week, in order to discover what took her from Brussels to Venice!

So…who is Laure Jacquemin and what has taken her to move from Brussels to Venice?

Laure is a Belgian girl that has lived in Venice for 10 years and as happened many times, she moved in Italy for love..not for the love of Venice, but for the love of her Italian husband.

If you see her Instagram profile you can see that Laure is an amazing photographer, but surprisingly I discovered that she started her path as photographer here in Venice…ten years ago!

Laure a Belgian photographer in Venice
©Laure Jacquemin

She started studying art in Venice but without a clear idea on what to do…she started with the idea of painting and she developed a great artistic eye. In order to share with the world her experience, she created a blog about Venice, taking pictures of every place she saw…people saw here pictures and… voilà : she started her path as photographer!

Let’s reported questions and answer 🙂

VbV : Laure, what are the main differences between Brussels and Venice in your opinion? Is there anything that you miss of Brussels?

Laure: Venice is magic… but it wasn’t love at the first view 🙂 At the beginning, when I came here as a simple tourist I didn’t appreciate it a lot..maybe I had too big expectations, but I’m honest, this was my first impression viewing only the tourist’s places. But living here, and living the real Venice, breathing the atmosphere of the city, visiting the palaces I learned to love it! Maybe in Brussels people is more open minded than in here and there are more places in order to have fun for young people, but I’m happy to be here: I’ve always worked a lot doing what I love in a unique city in the world!

VbV : Was it difficult to find new friends and start a new life?

Laure: Maybe a little I said before I’ve always worked a lot, so I hadn’t a lot of free time, but a good thing is that in Venice you can meet people from all over the world. I work a lot with Americans people and I have French friends for the major.

VbV : You have lived here for ten years…you’re a Venetian 🙂 Anyway from today you have two new Italian friends! How do you find customers?

Laure: I do for the major wedding photos, and my lucky is that in Venice there are a lot of wedding planners that call me. I talk three languages (French, Italian and English) and it helps me to establish a relationship with customers from every part of the world. Anyway there are a lot of people that contact me through my website or Instagram.

venice in the shadow
©Laure Jacquemin

VbV : What is you favorite place in Venice?

Laure: I saw many wonderful places and palaces here, but my favorite is the oldest cafè of the world : Caffè Florian ! I go there many times to have my breakfast or drink a good coffee.

VbV: That’s curious to see as every person has his/her favorite place…our favorite place is Punta della Dogana for example, where we had a great experience a few years ago (we’ll write about it, I promise!). Thank you for your time Laure, and welcome in Venice by Venetians community!

And what about you? Would you like to change your life as Laure did? 😉