Many times, we talk about Venice and San Marco as the most beautiful ‘lounge’ of the world, and it is fact it has been place of some historical concerts too!

Let’s see the most important concerts for us.

1) Pink Floyd

pink floyd concert
© Stefano Leto -

It was in 1989 and many of us remember it as the rockest concert of the history. I wasn’t born so I hadn’t the luck to live it, but you can find a lot of videos and pics in the web… It was amazing!

There were 200 000 people…an incredible number that caused a little bit of issues in the city, which became a sort of camping with thousands of people that tried to arrive in San Marco square to enjoy the concert. Needless to say the amount of garbage in the city… yes, maybe the management of the event wasn’t perfect, but the atmosphere was incredible!

The stage was on a giant raft and the day of the concert was the 15th of July, in occasion of Redentore .

2) Elton John

It was  in the 9th of July 2008. The Rocket Man Tour, with his talent and charisma, enchanted 4500  audience for a sold out in San Marco Square.

elton john in venice

Other concerts were:

  • Simple Minds – 25th of Joly 2009
  • Charles Aznavour – 16 of July 2010
  • and others…

In these years, some music festivals have taken place in San Giuliano’s Park, immediately outside of Venice.

And what about you? Have you ever been in a concert in Venice?