In an Erasmus experience, you cry twice:  when you arrive and when you leave.
In an Erasmus experience in Venice you keep crying even years after …I am Flo, I am French and I spent one year in Venice thanks to the Erasmus program. It has been the best year of my life so far …
One day, a Venetian told me: it’s either you love it or you hate it.
Being a tourist in Venice is so different than living there. Indeed, it is special only because Venice is special. You won’t realize it until you live there for real.
You feel safe, lucky and happy …
Also it’s very different from anywhere else because there is no car (I used to go to Uni by boat… what a dream!)
Bacaro in Venice

I left Venice in 2015 … and each time I go back, (because of course I go back as much as I can) it is for a few days only but I feel the happiness once I arrive and see my favorite city and each time I leave I feel sad and I force myself not to cry …
Maybe because I’m in love with this city ? Yeah, for sure I am.
I call Venice ‘my therapy’ because I feel better every time I go there.
I really hope I’ll have the chance to live there again in the future. If you are hesitating over doing an Erasmus, stay there please, stop hesitating and go ahead and trust me it will change your life.
One big advice: if you have the chance, find an accommodation in Venice itself and not in the cities around, so that you are able to experience the real Venetian life.
 Other tips and things I would recommend to do:
  • Wake up very early one day and go to St Marc’s Square to see the sunrise and to enjoy the square empty, without any tourist.
  • Enjoy a sunset from Rialto Bridge
  • Take a student discount to see a show at The Fenice Theatre
  • Go to the Accademia bridge, stop there to contemplate what’s going on while thinking about your life
  • Don’t hesitate to walk into unknown streets and don’t be scared of being lost.
  • You will always find your way back. This way, you won’t see any tourist and you will see the wonders of Venice.
  • Go to local Venetian bars ‘bacaro’ to try the real spritz and to eat Cichetti and… to pretend you are Venetian … To do so, sit down on the floor along the canal.

Campanile San Marco

It’s ok if you don’t like Venice or if you don’t see yourself living there but it’s probably because you have not experienced it yet 😉

Flo  ( @where_is_flo )