written by Behind Venice, pics by Behind Venice

For this second appointment with Venetian craftsmanship, the protagonists are Lidia and Olena. They are two tailors modelers, not born in Venice, but who have been living here for many years and who are perfectly integrated with the city and its inhabitants.venice

Olena got the diploma of seamstress-model maker, while Lidia is a former event organizer. They met at a fashion course: Olena attended it to draw what she would later sew, while Lidia wanted to change the profession by attending sewing and modeling courses in addition to drawing fashion figurine.


They have a fashion house in Santa Croce quarter in Venice, precisely at Calle Dario 643, where they teach their students how to make clothes, but they are also fashion designers.

Their fashion brand is Ca’ Beltà, born from a long period of confrontation with women. During the years used to make tailor-made clothes, Lidia and Olena were lucky enough to build strong ties with exceptional women. Important personalities who naturally shared and confided their experiences, desires and goals.

Hence their awareness of: having understood that fashion is not only about making clothes, but also an extension of the personality of the wearer.


After a long research and a deep confrontation, they started building the house of beauty, Ca’ Beltà: the house that knows whim is a tangible necessity, the house where beauty, is personality!

Their brand is the brand for women already satisfied that lacks only the freedom to reflect their inner beauty in the clothing they wear. Ca’ Beltà helps women to take the first step, to break the chains that bind them to the world of everyday life.

Words of order: freedom, individuality and uniqueness.


Lidia and Olena have decided to prefer a limited amount of fabrics, but of the highest quality, coming from Italian factories personally visited by them. All the haberdashery also comes from local suppliers, attentive to the supply chain, as they are.

«We immediately renounce mass production. Clothing proposed by us is made to last in time, we sew a limited number of garments thus giving uniqueness to the product».

Referring to Ca’ Beltà, Lidia and Olena said: «Now we decide with determination to bring the freedom to express themselves beyond the walls of our atelier, a place where women have the chance to self-determination».

What does not Ca’ Beltà do?

  • Ca’ Beltà does not follow the color of the year;
  • Ca’ Beltà does not chase the trends of the fashion season;
  • Ca’ Beltà does not monitor current trends;
  • Ca’ Beltà does not have the ”looks of the moment”;
  • Ca’ Beltà does not cause delusions;
  • Ca’ Beauty does not explain fashion tricks;
  • Ca’ Bletà does not instruct you to copy looks from influencers;
  • Ca’ Beltà has its feet firmly on the ground.

Its foundation is the years of study, certified by the technical specialization diplomas hung on its walls.

Its masonry is made of twenty-year experience, while the beams are made of professional skill.

Its roof is made of freedom, freedom that lets all its contents fly outside.

And inside there are women with their stories, traditions and cultures: each of them is authentic, so is every garment that wears authentic.

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