Venice is an open air museum and it was hard to select the ten places you cannot miss in Venice, but we made our best for you!! This list of 10 places to visit in Venice provides you with the best places to get the best experience possible from your trip to Venice.

1. Piazza San Marco and BasilicaSaint Mark's square

Saint Mark Area is the very center of Venice history and power. From here, you can feel and understand the greatness of a city that has been a leading trade power back in the past.

In this area, you can’t miss a visit to the Basilica or to the bell tower. Try to avoid the expensive bar in the square in favour of a cheaper Bacaro in the streets nearby. Find out more here.

2. Palazzo DucaleVenice quiet

Moving from Piazza San Marco towards the Canal Grande you will see, on your left, Palazzo Ducale. Palazzo Ducale has been for centuries the political center of the Republic of Venice and, nowadays, it is a wonderful museum full of charm and history. If you can, take a guided tour to the hidden places of this great palace.

3. Ponte dei SospiriSights Bridge

Not far from Palazzo Ducale, you can see Ponte dei Sospiri (literally translated Bridge of Sighs), linking Palazzo Ducale, where the justice was administered, to the prisons. The legend tells that prisoners used to cross this bridge after judgement to reach the prisons and so, through the little window on the bridge, the could see for the last time the sea.

4. Punta della Dogana

view from punta della dogana

Punta della Dogana was the old custom point of Venice. It is placed on the other side of Canal Grande respect to San Marco, where the two main canals of Venice (Canal Grande and Canale della Giudecca) meet. The view from Punta della Dogana is totally amazing and the light breeze refresh also the hottest summer days. At the sunset this place turns into a masterpiece.

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5. Basilica dei Frari

Basilica dei Frari

If you love art you can’t miss this Church. This church of the XIII century is the biggest church of Venice and hosts the tomb of Canova and Tiziano, full of symbols and artistic references. It is totally worthy a visit.

6. Burano

Burano - the most colorful island of Venice

The small island of Burano is easily reachable from Venice by ferry boat. It is famous for its colors and for its production of amazing laces. There are many nice restaurants which are depositary of an old gastronomic tradition. Typical biscuits are the bussolai.

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7. Murano

Murano glass
flickr, property rights @Michael Levine-Clark

The island of Murano, populated by almost 4500, is another small island that shall be taken into consideration. If you manage to go there, you’ll find its worldwide famous glass production, the best of its kind. Nice place to buy a glass souvenir of Venice.

8. Rialtoponte di rialto

Rialto Bridge is without doubt one of the symbol of Venice. Rialto is the oldest part of Venice, our advice is to explore the area nearby, full of joyful shops and Bacaro. The fish market of Rialto is also very typical and cool, especially in the morning.

9. Venetian Ghetto

Venetian Ghetto

Created in the XVI century, it is the center of the Jewish life in the city. Here, you can visit the beautiful synagogues and visit the traditional shops in the streets.

10. Collezione Peggy Guggenheim

Peggy Guggheneim collection

One of the three Peggy Guggenheim collections in the world. Here, you can admire masterpieces of modern art, as well as enjoy the cool garden of the palace placed directly on the Canal Grande. On the direction to Punta della Dogan, it is a nice area with some Bacaro and good spots.

And what about you? What is your favourite place in Venice?

Share your experience with us!!