Venice does not only represent the main attraction for tourists worldwide, but it has also been chosen as setting for several events and performances of the show business(concerts, music videos , movies, …). Especially singers seem to have developed a passion for shooting their works in the floating city. Let’s find out together which artists have discovered Venice as the best place for their exhibitions, reviewing how the landscape of Venice has contibuted to their shows.


Screenshot from the video

Perhaps, one of the most known songs and definetely one of the projects which contributed to launch the career of young Madonna. The song was released in 1984 and the singer decided to choose Venice as the setting of her music video. Madonna dances in the most famous places of the city, even meeting a lion (symbol of Venice and still pictured in its flag), singing in the gondolas and dangerously approaching the bridges. When the song ends, Madonna seems to leave Venice, getting back to New York City which appears at the horizon.


Screenshot from the video

Never heard of Laura Pausini? She’s one of the most famous Italian singers and recently has been revealed to be the winner of the Golden Globe 2021 for the best original song. At the dawn of her career, she decided to choose Venice for her song “Vivimi”, particularly shooting the music video in the luxurios and Baroque palace of Ca’ Zenobio degli Armeni, located in Sestiere Dorsoduro (already appeared in Like a Virgin). The video has tones and shades which tend to grey/black, giving to the frames of Venice a melancholic atmosphere.


Not a video but one of the most unforgettable events that Venice had the honour to host. We’re talking about the biggest music perfomance which took place in the city: the known rock band decided to play on a floating stage, while a crowd of more than 100.000 of people attended the show from Saint Mark Square. To discover more about this concert, click here.

These were just a few of videos which have been set in Venice. There are many more, especially by Italian bands and groups. Go see them to discover another perspective of the most beautiful city in the world!