If you’re like me when you travel you look for and wait for that moment, that transcendent moment where time stands still – where you’ve become enchanted by your visit. 

There are some places in this world you have to experience, not just read or hear about.  Places that capture your heart and refuse to let go.  I traveled to such a place that I will never forget.

On the far side of the world, there is a place where every sense is called upon to experience its beauty and even its beautiful decay.   VENICE DECAY

An ancient place enjoyed by modern explorers seeking adventure perhaps one last time before its lost to the world.  For when the tides at war win, this magical city will one day be a lost land lost in the sea.  Before that happens, reach out and embrace this city.  Seek it out and let it seduce you.   With a kiss from the wind and a promise for redemption, this place dares you to have a taste.  And then you do.

You surrender to its charm as it pulls you in, crawling deep into your soul.  And in that moment, for a moment nothing else matters.  You’ve fallen under its spell.  You’ve fallen in love.  The tranquil lagoon, the cool breeze, the local life.

An empty square at dawn ready for endless possibilities, a tired alleyway at dusk holding lost secrets.  Churches are breathtaking and canals offer romance.  Serenades echo off buildings and revelers revel in the local cuisine.  From the beggars seeking mercy, to the lovers seeking love, it’s all there.  It’s in the architecture, it’s in the air, it’s in your heart.    But then the inevitable happens and time wins. VENICE

Time always wins and it’s all over –  a final wave, the cruelest of goodbyes.  And in the end it leave you dizzy and broken hearted.  Venice changes you.  Venice is cruel.  Take me back.