Very close to Campo Manin you can find it : Scala Contarini del Bovolo.

It is the spiral staircase most impressive and valuable in Venice, and the perfect synthesis of different styles:

  • Renaissance (for the use of some elements such as the capitals)
  • Gothic (for the construction technique)
  • Venetian-Byzantine (for the form)

scala contarini del bovolo

Short story

It was commissioned by Pietro Contarini around the end of 1400 in order to decorate the facade of the adjacent Palace of San Paternian owned by an illustrious Venetian family. The realization of this work consisted mainly of an act of prestige and aimed mainly to a further growth in the popularity of the family.

For more details you can visit the official website .

scala contarini del bovolo - venice

5 reasons to visit it:

  1. the first reason is the most simple : it is wonderful! The architecture of this monument is very particular, and as I told in the introduction of this post it combines three different styles
  2. from the top of the staircase you can have a great panoramic view of Venice, seeing the San Mark’s tower too
  3. you can find the ‘Sala del Tintoretto’, a room in the middle of staircase where you can find a lot of prestigious works of art
  4. it is very near the hearth of Venice, between San Marco and Rialto, so you have absolutely to visit it. I know that if you are in Venice you want to see San Marco and Rialto, it is normal, all tourists love these places, but you could complete your visit with this amazing monument too
  5. the last reason, but not less important is : you can do great selfies here 😀

And that’s all…. oh no I’m sorry, I was forgetting that you have to pay only 7 euros to see it!!! So, what are you waiting for?