In Venice there are a lot of museums, churches, bacari and shops but if you stay for a long time here it could be useful to know how to do sport in Venice and keep yourself fit.

Many times walking through the campi (Venetian square) you can find children that play on the streets, people that do jogging, but are there fitness centers and football pitches in Venice? Yes, maybe they’re hidden, but you can find everything!

Stadio P.L. Penzo - Venezia F.C.
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In my opinion, the more traditional sports in Venice are :

  • Football : Venezia Football Club plays in Serie B , the second league in Italy. The club has a great history and it played in Serie A many years. I want to say hello to Paolo Poggi, that today is director of the technical area and he was a great striker for the club in his past as football player
  • Basketball : Umana Reyer is the team that represent the city in Serie A (the first league in Italy) and it gives great satisfactions to Venetians in these last years, winning the league in 2018-19 and the Coppa Italia in as you can image, it is a great moment!
  • Rowing : it has a big tradition in Venice and as you know every year there is the Historic Regatta in Venice. Venetian rowing is a particular technique of rowing, which consists of driving boats: it was born in the Venetian lagoon and is still used in this area. It is a technique in which there is only one rower who uses one or two oars to move the boat. Anyway you can partecipate to some courses and learn the technique…it should be a great experience to do!
Rowing in Venice

So, there are football teams (in minor leagues too), basketball teams, fitness centers, football pitches, tennis pitches, swimming pools, tennis pitches and if you’re a golf passionate there is the Golf Club in Lido di Venezia too.

Another great event is the Venice Marathon! I’m not a very passionate of running (I prefer football and I’ve played football for many years), but it is a very interesting event… I would like to try to partecipate one day only for the view and for the magic atmosphere that only Venice can create. Imagine : 42 km of running passing through Venetian villas , Venetian bridges, seeing canals, gondolas and all the history of a glorious city that cheers for you.

Moreover, outside Venice there are a lot of routes for cyclists, where you can enjoy the view of the lagoon and do bird-watching, because you have to know that there are a lot of bird species in the Venetian Lagoon.

You can practice every type of sport in Venice…you need only to search well ūüėČ

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