Goodbye 2020! I think that everyone in the world is happy that you are finished…you have been so difficult and complicated. You took away some freedoms, like the freedom to travel, the freedom to stay with our friend, to hug our grandparents.

You took away legends like Maradona, Ennio Morricone, Kobe Bryant, Ezio Bosso, Gigi Simoni, Mario Corso, and many others

You took away the job to many people, the concerts, the games at the stadium on Sunday, the family holidays.. you covered our smiles with masks and many other things that I prefer to not remember ūüôā

Do not be angry, but we are really happy that you are going away, written in the pages of history, and we are so happy to say:

goodbye 2020 and fuck you (with love)
goodbye 2020 and fuck you (with love)

Maybe 2021 will be your child, with some things in common, but Venetians and all people of the world will try to grow it well and take it in the right way, I promise!

Anyway in this 2020 we have seen very strange things in Venice, like the nature that has taken its spaces: swans in the canals, crystal clear water in the canals, a lot of fishes in the canals…it was incredible, and it could suggest a greener Venice, limiting the traffic of the boats for example, I don’t know what could be the best solution, but it is good to think about it!

cigni a venezia , burano
pesci nei canali di venezia
©Federico Polvere Р

Another incredible and sad thing was to see Venice desert, without tourists, without the crowds…the crowds that nobody wanted in Venice and now we miss and we want in order to go ahead, bring a little bit of normality in our life, with the hoping that you, dear 2020, you taught us something.

I think that nobody want to see pics like this again:

san marco deserted
VENICE, ITALY – MARCH 9: A completely empty San Marco Square is seen on March 9, 2020 in Venice, Italy. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced a “national emergency” due to the coronavirus outbreak and imposed quarantines on the Lombardy and Veneto regions, which contain roughly a quarter of the country’s population. Italy has the highest number of cases and fatalities in Europe. The movements in and out are allowed only for work reasons, health reasons proven by a medical certificate.The justifications for the movements needs to be certified with a self-declaration by filling in forms provided by the police forces in charge of the checks. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

I think, and I hope that all the world will restart again stronger, the cities will be alive again, and we will be able to travel and dream again…so welcome 2021!