In the last few hours, Italy has been the centre of the global attention.

We all know about the Coronavirus, a new illness that originates from China and is now frightening the whole world.
Unfortunately, Italy is, by datas, one of the more affected areas on the planet.
The COVID-19, which didn’t seem to represent a big risk until two days ago, has infected more than 100 people in the North of Italy, and the number is increasing.


Institutions still don’t know why this explosion of cases has been spreading so suddenly, but that’s why measures of security and precautions have been immediately taken.

Venice, which was already in an instable condition after the damages of the high water of this autumn, now has to stand against another enemy. Some cases of Coronavirus have been reported in its province, and that means the cancellation of events, manifestations and every sort of public occurrence.
Even Carnival.

We still don’t know the economical and social impact that this fact is going to have on the city, but safety is, for now, the priority.

Carnival is officially cancelled and that means that every event in program on Monday and Shrove Tuesday will not take place.

Univerisities, schools and libraries are closed for the whole week and we want to recommend to everyone maximum careful and at the same time keep calm and don’t let alarmism explode.

In order to prevent panic, we think it’s a good idea to give you some important and simple instructions to follow, divulgated by the Ministry of Healthcare.

It’s really important to read these steps, especially if you’re in Venice, you’re looking forward to come or, why not, even if you decide to stay at home:

  1. Frequently wash your hands
  2. Avoid contact with people who seriously sneeze, cough or present some symptomps
  3. Don’t touch your nose, eyes or mouth
  4. If possible, clean surfaces with chlorine or alcohol products.
  5. Wear masks only if infected or if you’re taking care of infected people

If you want to know more about precautions taken by Italy, we invite you to visit the web page,

We also recommend you to only listen to institutional channels and updates.
We all hope the situation could get better.
Meanwhile we suggest you to take a look at the pics on our Facebook page of the Great Ball in the Theatre La Fenice, where VenicebyVenetians had the possibility to be hosted.

Post by Elisa Gentile