Colors, ancient costumes, wigs, eccentric make up and most of all… masks! Carnival 2020 is in the air, and we’re here to tell you everything about this famous tradition, that for years has been part of our Venice and its shapes. 

This year, Carnival in the city is going to be splendid as usual, but before describing the preparation and the events that will take place in the next days, we want to make a deserved thought to all Venetians that are not going to enjoy the celebration light heartedly. Too many of them are still suffering the damages caused by the high tide of November, and we want to wish them good luck, because Venice is determined to rise strong and wonderful as the lion of its flag. 

Now back to the good news: as we said, Carnival is coming and what’s better than discovering the numerous events and parties that you can attend, if you are looking forward to come here in this period? We’re going to give you some advise to be part of the most epic season of the Venetian year!

First of all, it’s compulsory to taste the Carnival sweets of excellence, the famous frittelle. Enjoy the tempting cream or the sophisticated raisin covered in a delicious and soft pastry. If you want to eat the best frittelle in town, you have to go to Tonolo bakery: here you can find loads of different types, but most of all, prices are affordable and you won’t be disappointed.

Talking about parties and events, the official presentation of Carnival will be on the 15th of February, when the procession for the Festa delle Marie is going to cross the city and ended in Saint Mark Square, where the Doge will announce the start of the celebration. Another important event that you can’t lose is the traditional “flight of the angel”, on the 16th of February. In this occasion, the winner of the Festa delle Marie 2019 will take flight in Saint Mark Square, hung from a rope and fly above all the public reunited. In addition for the more athletic ones, we’re happy to tell you that you can take the unique possibility of skating in Venice: an ice rink will be opened in Campo San Polo, where you can rent your skates and try not to fall!

If you’re interested in other events that will take place next month we invite you to visit the official site, We hope you can have a fantastic time, but please respect Venice while having fun. Happy Carnival!

Post by Elisa Gentile