December may not seem the best month to visit Venice.

The weather is very cold, temperatures are around 0 degrees the whole day. The wind and the humidity of the area don’t improve the overall situation.

christmas venice

Notwithstanding, we decided to enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the city, visit some Christmas markets and enjoy a walk towards Rialto and San Marco.

The first thing we noticed, was the lack of tourists. Streets were empty and it was rather strange to walk around Venice in silent streets. Without crowds, Venice looks like another city.


We wanted to visit Ca Zenobio, a wonderful XVIII century palace, hosting a Christmas market. It was definitely worthy. The hall of Ca Zenobio is crazy with amazing decorations everywhere, and it was very nice to walk freely through the whole palace.Christmas Market Venice

We spent almost one hour inside, then moving forward to Rialto and San Marco.

On our way to Rialto we found a little antiques fair in Campo San Maurizio, which, we discovered later, is organized only few weekends every year. It is possible to check on the website of “Mercatino Campo San Maurizio”.

Market christmas

Even if the market was small, the area is very nice and the street vendors were selling a lot of stuff about the ancient Venice, which was rather interesting also for us.

However, the best part of the day was the long walk to San Marco.

Streets were full of Christmas light and San Marco square was breath-taking. I think pictures talk for themselves.

strada nuova venezia

All in all, spring and summer are the best, but also in December Venice is very nice.

It depends on you, if you prefer the chaotic and happy version, or the relaxing and peaceful one.

At the end of the day, a good hot chocolate at Fontego dei Tedeschi is what you deserve to warm-up, because Venice has always something to offer.

winter venice

Greetings from Venice!