It’s time to write about an amazing experience I did with my friends 4 years ago, when we decided to visit Venice from the sunset to the sunrise.

It was the last week of July, our friends Umberto and Elena (she realized our logo – thanks Elena 🙂 ) came in Venice from Milano in order to do this strange tour with us.

A special trip in Venice

In fact we spent the night in Venice, but not sleeping, we visited and walked around the city, enjoyed the silence and the masterpieces that were there just for us, in a moment where all the tourists and the daily crowd was resting.

The tour started from Venezia Santa Lucia Station and our aim was to admire the sunset from Punta della Dogana and after that do a small Bacaro tour in order to have dinner with ‘cicchetti‘ and other Venetians delicacies and have some fun drinking a couple of glasses of wine 🙂 !

So…we did it. We arrived on punta della Dogana and admired the sunset as planned. After that we went to San Marco’s area and we started to do some pit stops in few Bacaris. In one of them, Magna Bevi e Tasi, we met a couple of Americans and spent few hours with them drinking and laughing.

magna bevi e tasi bacaro venezia

In this case Dario, my partner for Venice by Venetians but mainly a big friend, was great! He started talking with these guys, watching a basket match on TV (we don’t follow Basket so much)..and we started this new friendship with Jonh and his girlfriend Megan.

It was the 1 am, the night was long and that night was particularly hot and humid…we walked a lot, arriving in the Jewish Ghetto , after that we went in some calli that I don’t remember honestly, but there wasn’t nobody, only us, except for a case when we found a very strange guy (we were a little bit scared, but armed with keys in case of dangers 🙂 )…anyway I’m here writing, so everything went well!

venice by night

We walked a lot, sweaty, tired, clingy but happy because the atmosphere was incredible… anyway at 3 am we arrived in the most beautiful living room in the world : Piazza San Marco.

It was really strange: usually it is full of people but we had all the square for us. Someone of us stretched out on the ground in the center of the square, I decided for a bar’s chair 🙂 .

Anyway we were thinking about the best place to watch the sunrise and we decided to go again on Punta della Dogana, where our night started… we walked walked and walked and we arrived there, sit down and relax , very tired, very dirty and with the bed imprinted in our minds, but we were there and it was wonderful.

6.30 am, it’s time to return to Venezia Santa Lucia, dreaming the bed..but you have to know that from Punta della Dogana to Venezia Santa Lucia you have to walk 3km and we were..I can’t find the right word, but destroyed could be the correct one 🙂

Anyway it was one of the best experience done, with the right friends, in the most beautiful city of the world.

So, what do you think about this experience? Would you like to do a similar thing?