Welcome to our new section dedicated to students, people who decided to move to Venice or tourists who might be interested in tasting what is like to study in the floating city!

We hope it could help someone out and, of course, give you advise and useful tips to survive, especially if you’re thinking to become a “Ca’ Foscarino” (we talked about Ca’ Foscari university previously).

So, what’s the best requirement for a student to have, except for well organized skills and a good motivation? No, not a great wallet for all the spritz that you could buy between a lesson and another (even if it’s still a nice feature), rather a quiet and calm space to study: that’s why, in this article, we are going to explore some Venetian Ca’ Foscari libraries.

Baum library (Humanistic studies area)

Located in Calle Ragusei, near Campo Santa Margherita, this library hosts a great quantity of books about philosophy, art, literature, social sciences and all the imaginable humanistic subjects. The storage is literally a maze of books: try not to get lost in it, even if it’s a wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many books!

Baum library has different floors, where you can find large and comfortable tables with sockets to charge your phone or computer… in other words, it’s an excellent place to study!


Bali library (Linguistic studies area)

This library is situated in Ca’ Bernardo building, one of the headquarters of the university. It’s not that big, but even with two giants wooden tables, Bali offers one of the best experience of study that you can have in Venice: first of all, walls are covered by books, so it is possible to breathe the smell of paper and ink. Moreover you can experience a show while studying because the most exciting thing about this place is the view from the large balcony: the Canal Grande greets you, boats go back and forward and the reflections of water bright the crystal chandeliers that are on the ceiling.

You can’t be attracted by a place like that, and personally I highly recommend it!

Zattere library

Zattere is probably the most popular library between Ca’ Foscarini, because of its large size and modern facilities (also, chairs are extremely comfortable). Moreover you couldn’t ask for a better view: the library is located in Fondamenta Zattere, a large calle, which allows you to admire the Giudecca just on the other side of the shore. It’s not only a perfect and panoramic space to study: this library could be a nice place to meet people and start to talk to students, because of the high flow everyday.

zattere sunset venice

It’s extremely interesting to see some complete strangers becoming friends (or why not, even something else) just because they share the same table everyday or just start to talk to each other, while waiting for their coffee in the downstairs bar! Just a little suggestion: Zattere is always full of people, and unless you want to go to study in the courtyard, you’d better come before 10 am!


These are only some Ca’ Foscari libraries, and we hope you could give them a look, even if you’re not students. These are not the only ones: there is Bec (economy studies area) or Ca’ Bembo, where there is another little and cute space, but the truth is that Venice has to be discovered piece by piece and we want you to start going around and forgetting geographic maps or indications: try to lose yourself in this fascinating city, capture the atmosphere and… have a good study!

Post by Elisa Gentile