Can’t leave your house without a book in your pocket?

Wherever you go, you don’t resist entering a library or a bookshop?

Are you a curious bookworm?

Well, if your answer is yes and you’re planning to visit Venice, this article can help you. We hope that also those people who don’t usually read could be interested, because we are going to describe the best (and strangest) Venetian places, where you can buy or be surrounded by books!

Acqua Alta Bookstore

Libreria “Giunti al punto”

Are you in the Venezia Santa Lucia station and don’t you know how to pass the time? Why don’t enter this bookshop, inside the railway building? It’s just beyond platform 22, near the KFC fast food! It’s a very conventional bookshop, where you can find every literary genre but also stationery and writing materials. A very good alternative if you already did shopping and drunk a good coffe at the bar, while waiting for the train! 

Libreria “Ca’ Foscarina”

It is possible that, while serenely walking on the streets of Venice, you could hear a young student saying “Devo assolutamente andare alla Ca’ Foscarina, mi serve quel libro!” ( “I really have to go to Ca’ Foscarina, i need that book!”). Yes, Ca’ Foscarina bookshop is the official store for students who attend Ca’ Foscari, the Venetian university. It is located in calle Foscari, where you can find also the headquarter of the university. Don’t be afraid of the multitude of students who are always inside the bookshop and don’t think that you can find only scholastic books! Ca’ Foscarina is very well supplied, and even if you don’t find anything of your interest, is still really worthy going to take a picture of the courtyard of the university: here it is possible to breath a very academic and intellectual air. 

Libreria “Acqua alta”

We know for sure that this is the strangest bookshop you will ever see! Of course you can find a lot of books, but also bathtubes and gondolas! Don’t worry, we are not crazy: the position of the building is extremely near the water and when the phenomenon of the “high water” (acqua alta) occurs, books need to be protected in every way and in every possible container. That’s why this place is really particular: the chaotic and spartan disposition of books could make you lost in a maze of pages and paper, you can have close encounters with cute and shy cats and, in this strange world, you will see a stair made of books that you can climb: book lovers, don’t panic, those books are ruined and useless, destined to be destroyed. We can assure you that no book has been injured in the construction of this peculiar place, which is worthy a visit.


There are so many other bookshops that you can find in Venice, but why don’t discover them by yourselves? Enjoy your travel and may your books always be with you!


Post by Elisa Gentile