When I went  to Torcello  for the first time, with my girlfriend, I was very sceptical about it. When you arrive there with the ferry-boat, taken from Burano, you have the feeling that there is nothing there, but then you discover that it is … particular and beautiful 🙂

As I said, you arrive with the ferry boat and then you have to follow a pathway: on your right there is a canal and on your left there are fields with weeds.

While you are walking you think ‘but where am I? There is nothing here’ until you find on the right a strange bridge, called ‘Devil’s Bridge​’ (Ponte del Diavolo) .

Some tips :

  •  don’t go on Devil’s Bridge if you are drunk
  • sit on it with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and enjoy the quiet of the island

After that, you continue along  the pathway finding few restaurants, taverns and even fewer houses, Torcello has a population of about 20 people, up to Torcello’s square. In this square, you can find the famous Attila’s throne​ where I suggest you sit  and take photos ( you will feel very strong ).

There are also some ruins and monuments: ‘Santa Fosca Church​’ and ‘Santa Maria Assunta Basilica​’.

However, I have to tell you the truth : Attila’s throne wasn’t really  Attila’s throne ! It is only a legend (I’ll tell you about it the next time). Barbarians, and Huns in particular, never arrived on the islands of Venice.

Anyway Santa Fosca’Church and Santa Maria Assunta’ Basilica deserve a visit.

The island isn’t big and it is very quiet, it can be a good idea for a quick visit and to relax.

It is fun to discover all the legends about the island and I’ll talk about them in other items 🙂

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