You may not know that Venice is not only the city of water or enchanting landscapes, but also one of the most recognised places for its supreme education: we are talking about Ca’ Foscari University, a guarantee since 1868 and, by now, perfectly incorporated with the citizen reality.

Ca’ Foscari Univesity was founded 150 years ago by three Italian politicians: Luigi Luzzati, Francesco Ferrara and Edoardo Deodati.

ca foscari

The first, and nowadays, more prestigious faculties were economy and languages: as a matter of fact, the university’s purpose was to form merchants and business owners, but after years and years of changes and renovations, many faculties and different subjects had been introduced.

Philosophy, art, sciences and humanistic studies are currently taught and the faculty of languages offers more than 40 idioms. Ca’ Foscari is an Excellency.

We can’t forget that Venice is a very peculiar place to host a university: its academic atmosphere inevitably gets mix up with the constant tourism, transforming Venice in an uncomparable university campus. That’s why a lot of Italian and foreign young people decide to choose it as path for their future. In order to describe why Venice could be a priority, we asked some “Ca Foscarini” about their choice and experience:

– Maria Chiara is 20 years old and comes from Caserta, near Naples. She decided to leave the south of Italy in order to move to Venice and attend the faculty of languages.

“I decided to choose Ca’ Foscari because of the fame and prestige, which are recognised at international levels, and also pushed by a desire of change. At first, I was really worried and scared by this new life: the north is really different from the south (I can’t get used to the cold humidity!) and I was afraid I could never integrate myself.

Then, I found a little but cute apartment, which I currently share with some other girls, and started my academic career. I discovered that Venice really fits me, people are nice and simple, and of course we can’t forget that we are talking about a unique city in the world, where cultures and people meet and start to appreciate their differences and traditions.

I’m happy that Venice is my second home!”

– Chiara attends the second year of social sciences and work. She lives near Treviso, and almost every day she has to go to the university by train, which takes more than an hour to reach Venice. “A life spent on trains” she says “but I’m so happy to be a Ca’ Foscarina. I think that Ca’ Foscari offers a huge variety of interesting courses and exams.

Of course, being a commute is not simple: transports are sometimes late and I have to get up very early to be able to arrive on time for lessons. However, sitting on trains for so long can be an occasion to do some stuff that you can’t usually do: reading a book, listening to some music, also trying to study a bit.

Having the possibility, I would definitely move to Venice, not only for convenience, but also because it’s an incomparable city: meeting so many people from other countries and cultures, hearing languages from all over the world, being able to open my mind through my experience as a student… all this is extremely stimulating and it makes me enjoy my university life even more!”

– Giulia is 24 years old and has attended the same faculty of Chiara, but she graduated in 2017. “

It’s been a long, difficult road, but it was definitely worthy! I’ve realized that I miss Ca’ Foscari so much, because the years I spent there were probably the best of my life: I met many wonderful people, grew up a lot, had the most satisfying results. Venice just represented a fantastic setting for my experience.

How could I forget the ceremony of graduation in San Marco’s square?

graduation in Venice

That was one of the happiest moments of my life! Also, I want to bless the cocktail time after lessons: nothing better than a typical spritz to feel like a classic Venetian student.”

As we can see, Venice really makes a difference in the academic path of a student! It can open your mind, your heart and, why not, makes you enjoy studying in a truly unique way!


Post by Elisa Gentile