Recently, I was thinking to last year Redentore (here you find the post) and I noticed we had not written anything about Giudecca; the wonderful island hosting us that day. 

island giudecca

Giudecca is located south of the central island of Venice, from which it is separated by the Giudecca canal. Giudecca shores are placed directly in front of St. Mark’s basin, which explains the wonderful view you get from the island, spreading from Punta della Dogana to San Giorgio Maggiore. As said, it is the perfect place to enjoy Redentore fireworks. This year Redentore will be held the 13-15 July and we strongly advise you to attend!!

The history of the name Giudecca is still an unresolved mistery. The island became soon one of the major industrial area in Venice, well-known for the shipyards, boutiques and factories. The industrial vocation of Giudecca started to decline only after World War II.giudecca

Nowadays, it is considered a quiet residential area. The absence of any bridge linking it to the main island helps to preserve it from mass tourism. Even if it is easily receivable by ferry boat. 

Once a year, during Redentore, a boat bridge is built between Giudecca and Zattere area and a religious procession is held to thanks god for the end of the black plague. After the religious procession, everyone can cross the long bridge enjoying a wonderful view over St. Mark’s Basin.

The procession ends in the famous Redentore Church, architectural masterpiece of Venice, which was built by the worldwide known architect Andrea Palladio.giudecca

At first sight, Giudecca may seem a rather boring part of Venice. We also go there rarely, but this is what makes it so special. Quiet, relaxing and with a wonderful view over St’ Mark basin, the often forgotten Giudecca belongs to Venice more than Venice itself.