written by Behind Venice, pics by Behind Venice

In this trip called Behind Venice, we will discover the Venetian craftsmanship. The first stop is at the historic glass pearl factory Costantini Glass Beads.
Take the water bus (Vaporetto) and stop at Murano Venier, get off and, first left and then right, you are in Calle del Cimitero, in front of the door of the centennial factory, which since 2006 is owned by Alessandro Moretti, the grandson of Ubaldo Costantini (his great-grandfather) and Cleto Costantini (his grandfather).

glass beads
Alessandro Moretti di Costantini Glass Beads

It was his grandfather who bequeathed to him the factory, where Alessandro began, at a very young age, to take an interest, to assist him and to learn the technique of creating glass beads, with which they make jewels of any shape, and suitable for women of all ages.

Since he was a kid, he spent hours watching his grandfather chop up the glass rod and then turn them into beads of all colours and sizes, some so small as to look like sand.venice

It is probably growing up in an environment of this kind, which led him to attend the Art Institute of Venice, specializing in the glass sector and to graduate as Master of Applied Art, learning the techniques and types of Venetian glass, as well as designing it.

The peculiarity of Alessandro Moretti and his art work, is to mix the tradition learned and stolen, with innovation in design and entrepreneurship.

In 2006, he began to work on his own with Moretti Alessandro Costantini Glassbeads, maintaining, in the name of the company, the maternal surname, for the strong link with his grandfather and because the brand was already known all over the, venice

He decided, however, to expand the production by including the typical processing of Venetian light beads. A production that he personally carries out by studying techniques of processing never used and trying to bring out the fusion of new glass rods beads, traditional, but at the same time aimed at modern.

The Costantini Glassbeads by Moretti Alessandro production includes: glass beads (called ”conterie”), Venetian pearls produced with the ancient air technique, beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fashion accessories, fringes or for lampshades, furnishing accessories up to wedding favors.

For Alessandro Moretti, the artisan is a person who works with his hands, who creates with his hands and with his brain, who carries on the tradition with pride, without doing something mechanical.burano

Despite the problems suffered from the exceptionally high water of November 2019 and the new coronavirus, Alessandro has continued to keep open its Costantini Glassbeads by Moretti Alessandro with always renewed passion, strength and with the aim of bringing the tradition of Murano, in the world.