by Camille, Constance & Josefa

Venice is a renowned, mysterious city that attracts millions of tourists every year. But behind the carnivals, canals, gondolas, and masks, few people seem to truly know what makes the Serenissima so special: its inhabitants. Venice bridge

Venice without Venetians would merely be an architectural achievement—judging Venice solely for its beauty would be ignoring the rich, ancestral culture that Venetians still endeavour to maintain, despite the numerous threats brought about by careless tourists, climate change, or gentrification. 

During a university field trip aimed at studying Venice’s sustainability, my two friends and I decided that the best way to understand Venice and its culture would be to interview those who harbour Venice’s ancestral knowledge: craftsmen. We roamed Venice’s narrow cobbled streets and embarked on a journey to Mirano to meet a foundry owner, a mask maker, a velvet factory chief executive officer, a family of gold beaters, a tabarrero, an artisan carpenter, as well as two very friendly bloggers – the creators of this very blog!

We hope that the video we made of these wonderful craftsmen will allow you to better understand the challenges they face, and to value their knowledge and dedication to their craft. They made us discover Venice in a unique way—one that ordinary tourists don’t see—and for that, we are very grateful.