Venice in pattern is the unique literature, photography and pattern design project entirely dedicated to Venice.

The project has been launched on Instagram in 2018 with the aim of getting Venice closer to both locals and foreign people, using a simple language. Since then it has been grown a lot and it is moving also towards offline projects, such as two notebooks series, fabric printing and hand-printing on paper.

venice in pattern

How workflow

Basically, we match extracts of poems or typographic contents with photographs and pattern design, held together by a storytelling approach in order to describe the elements of Venice from the “insiders’ point-of-view”. In order to play and get closer to our “followers” we decided also to publish curiosities and anecdotes that made up this amazing city.

In the first phase of our editorial plan, ended in 2019, we published extracts of the poem “Venezia” written by Diego Valeri with some photographs portraying some details of the Island, divided in to 3 main categories: Earth, Water, Air.

Up on these details and elements of Venice, we created 57 patters! Moreover, we created some special patterns related to Venetian traditions, characters or places, such as the pattern dedicated to Peggy Guggenheim, the Carnival or the “Redentore” celebration. Our ambition is to “patternify” the entire Venice! 

venice pattern

The second step of the project, focused on the Venetian alphabet, is currently ongoing. The idea is to post all the letters that you can find the Venetians words, but twice: one week we focus on the lowercase letter, that is related to a more “pop” element (e.g. “s” as “spazzini”, the people who collect garbage door-to-door in Venice) and the uppercase letter which represent the more “aulic” theme, such as “Sospiri”, the world-wide known bridge near San Marco Square. 

What are we expecting from our project? 

Well, first of all we hope to make Venice much easier to understand thanks to our method of synthesizing its elements, and to make it closer to every Venice lover. Besides, we would like to establish some collaborations with some other local realities and develop other offline projects, perhaps in the domain of fabric and textile sphere.

venice pattern station

About us

We are Ilaria, architect, and Ilaria, graphic designer, and we both are Venetian, and literally in love with our city!

By means of patterns, and being “locals”, we describe Venice in a new way in order to arouse more interest and provide new perspectives far from the usual clichés related to this unique city. Thanks to this project we show a different Venice: as it truly is! 

The thing that really amuses us is to involve our followers (who, in most cases, are not from Venice) in the choice of pattern creation, in this way we want Venice to become more open and interactive with everyone and we discover that everyone can give their own contribution to this magical city!