Venice is an open air museum and it was hard to select the ten places you cannot miss in Venice, but we made our best for you!!;)

This list of 10 places to visit in Venice provides you with the best places to get the best experience possible from your trip to Venice.


1. Piazza San Marco and BasilicaSaint Mark's square

Saint Mark Area is the very center of Venice history and power. From here, you can feel and understand the greatness of a city that has been a leading trade power back in the past.

In this area, you can’t miss a visit to the Basilica or to the bell tower. Try to avoid the expensive bar in the square in favour of a cheaper Bacaro in the streets nearby. Find out more here.


2. Palazzo DucaleVenice quiet

Moving from Piazza San Marco towards the Canal Grande you will see, on your left, Palazzo Ducale. Palazzo Ducale has been for centuries the political center of the Republic of Venice and, nowadays, it is a wonderful museum full of charm and history. If you can, take a guided tour to the hidden places of this great palace.

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When I went  to Torcello  for the first time, with my girlfriend, I was very sceptical about it. When you arrive there with the ferry-boat, taken from Burano, you have the feeling that there is nothing there, but then you discover that it is … particular and beautiful 🙂

As I said, you arrive with the ferry boat and then you have to follow a pathway: on your right there is a canal and on your left there are fields with weeds.

While you are walking you think ‘but where am I? There is nothing here’ until you find on the right a strange bridge, called ‘Devil’s Bridge​’ (Ponte del Diavolo) .

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Where: San Marco Square

  • From Piazzale Roma:

By water-bus lines :

1 ( about 40 minutes)

51 direct (about 20 minutes)

2 direct ( about 30 minutes)


  • From the Train Station (Santa Lucia):

By water-bus lines :

1 ( about 35minutes)

51 direct ( about 25 minutes)

2 direct ( about 25 minutes)

On foot it takes about 30-45 minutes to reach it from either locations.

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Where: Ca’ Rezzonico Dorsoduro 3136, 30123 Venice

Vaporetti: From Piazzale Roma: Line 1 Ca’ Rezzonico stop

 From Santa Lucia Railway Station: Line 1 Ca’ Rezzonico stop

 From Lido di Venezia: Line 1 Ca’ Rezzonico stop

When: 10 – 17 Last admission 4 pm Closed on Tuesday; from April, 1st 10 – 18

Prices:  € 10 

€ 7.50 Reduced

Tips: Enjoy the Italian garden and the little bridge for free.

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Where: Piazza San Marco

When: October and November 9.00 – 19.00, from November to April 9.30 – 15.45, from April to to June 9.00 – 19.00, from July to September 9.00 – 21.00. Ticket Office closing one hour before.

Prices:  € 8 

                  € 4 Reduced

Tips: Enjoy the view on a clear sky day or at sunset.


Nestled in the heart of St. Mark’s Square, the the bell tower “il Campanile”,
usually called “El Paron de casa”, i.e. the house owner, may go unnoticed. Once you know its history, this won’t happen.

Almost 100 meter tall, it is one of the highest bell towers in Italy. Its simplicity makes it so charming. The red bricks are interrupted by the whiteness of the bell chamber. At the top the gold statue of Archangel Gabriel.

The original building was a lighthouse of the IXth century, while the actual Campanile is the result of subsequent works.